• Assisting in selecting the most appropriate alternative
  • Scheduling of all appointments, tests, treatments and surgeries
  • Acting as payor on behalf of the patient
  • Ensuring smooth flow of care

care management

The Care Management Service is the cornerstone of the Medicus portfolio. It seeks to resolve an existing medical problem or concern.

For international patients who have recently been diagnosed with an illness, have a medical concern or are interested in seeking alternatives to the current medical care they are receiving, this Service grants each patient facilitated access to the highest quality medical care in the U.S.

From the first contact with Medicus, the patient is treated with compassion and personalized attention. Medicus guides the patient and the family through the complex process of selecting the most appropriate medical alternative and makes all of the logistical arrangements for the care, such as scheduling appointments, tests, treatments and surgeries.

In addition to managing the logistical aspects of the care to be received, Medicus also assumes financial responsibility for the expenses generated. With Medicus acting as payor, a smooth flow of care is assured without interruptions arising from financial issues. The patient and family can focus solely on the patient's health and not be burdened with the administrative aspects of the health care industry.

For each client,

  • Medicus can provide guidance, assistance and counsel
  • Medicus can arrange and schedule the necessary medical care
  • Medicus monitors the delivery of care to ensure the total satisfaction of the patient and their families
  • Medicus may act as an advocate for the patient and their families
  • Medicus acts as payor on behalf of the patient