medicus vip service

The Medicus VIP service was developed for the most discerning of clients and is the most exclusive program offered by Medicus International

Created for high level executives of international corporations and their families, this program leverages the Care Management Service to address existing medical problems and complements it with preventive medical evaluations, second opinion consultations and an emergency care support component.

By subscribing to the Medicus VIP Program, the member can rest assured that their medical needs will be addressed quickly, efficiently and without the delay normally associated with pre-certifications and financial clearances. Upon receiving a member's request, Medicus responds immediately and begins arranging for the necessary services to be delivered regardless of whether a member is seeking a simple consult or an air ambulance evacuation.


Care Management Service

To address existing medical concerns.

Preventive Medical Evaluations

Intended to act as annual 'check ups', these preventive medical evaluations are individually customized to account for the VIP clients' personal and family history of illness, to create a benchmark for wellness, monitor existing medical conditions and assess risk for major medical diseases. The VIP client may schedule a medical evaluation at any time and works closely with Medicus in its design.

Second Opinion Consultations

In some instances, a VIP client may only require a second opinion. Medicus arranges the opinion from a well qualified specialist which ultimately will help the individual make a more informed medical decision.

Emergency Care Support

Our goal is to ensure that our VIP members receive the most attentive care, of the highest quality, no matter where they find themselves in the world. For our corporate clients this translates to an executive team unencumbered by medical preocupations for themselves or their families.


Based on the 'know-how' Medicus has developed over the years, the VIP member will receive assistance in selecting the most appropriate alternative for the resolution of their medical problem. This may include assistance in choosing a physician, hospital, testing or diagnostic center as well as guidance on how best to evaluate the available options.

facilitated access

Leveraging its close ties with the providers that make up the Medicus Network, Medicus is able to facilitate quick and efficient access to medical care for its VIP members and closely monitor the delivery of care to ensure the patient's needs are met.